Internet Sales Tax Bill

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By: Garin Flowers

There's a huge growing trend in online shopping, and state lawmakers believe it's not being taxed properly.

For people like Mickey Damelio, online shopping is the best way to shop.
In fact, even his shoes were purchased in cyber space.

"I actually intend to go online first," Mickey Damelio, Online Shopper, said.

Damelio and fellow online shoppers could soon pay more to buy merchandise off the web. Thursday, a state senate committee pushed through a bill that would require online retailers to collect sales tax.

"It's gonna make things alittle more expensive online," Damelio said.

Florida based companies currently collect a sales tax from online purchases, but lawmakers say companies like do not collect the extra money. The bill would force internet retailers to collect the state's six percent sales tax.

"Florida has been missing out on money," Kurt Wenner, Florida TaxWatch, Inc., said.

State lawmakers estimate the tax could raise $400M in revenue each year, however, Florida TaxWatch says the legislature will only pass the bill if the money eventually ends up back in tax payers' hands.

The Florida House is also considering a similar bill.

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