Issues with Tallahassee Gym Prompt Complaints

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By: Andy Alcock
March 15, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A Tallahassee woman's more than two month long ordeal over a new gym membership has now concluded.

We first started asking questions in January when she told us she wasn't getting what she paid for.

We watched as a Zumba class danced across the floor at "Get Going Fitness" at the Tallahassee Mall.

It's a new location for the gym, but the sign out front still has the old address.

Monique Lewis invested $200 to work out at the first location at the Royal Oak Plaza on Capital Circle Northeast because it's close to where she works.

"I would go up there and the gym would be closed and I would try to get in contact with someone and I would never hear anything back," said Lewis.

Owner Walter Jenkins admits "Get Going Fitness" had a hard time 'getting going'.

"I know she'd been promised a lot of things," said Jenkins. "They, other management that was on staff, they're no longer on staff with us," he said.

According to Royal Oak Plaza Owner Howard Mattson, he let Jenkins and other staff members get his property ready for their gym.
But Mattson says he never took a security deposit and a lease was never signed.

Lewis says the move to the Tallahassee Mall came as a surprise to her.

"They had moved across town, they didn't tell me anything about the move, they didn't even keep in contact with me," she said.

"We got space to really accommodate our clientele," said Jenkins. "We got exposure to get a good location, it was really hard trying to get a good location," he said.

Jenkins also split with his business partner Joe Morris.
We asked him why.

"Joe Morris has a complaint with the company," said Jenkins. "Me and him used to be business partners...he has to take that up and if he has some complaints with the company, he'll have to take it up with legal matters..I really can't expand on too much of that," he said.
After we spoke to Jenkins, we found other issues.

Jessica Lee left her restaurant waitress job to work at Get Going Fitness.

But then she says there was a problem after getting her first paycheck.

"We got a call the next day saying not to cash the check because the account was closed and the money wasn't going to go through," said Lee.

Jessica says Jenkins texted the employees stating due to a split with his partner, the bank account was closed and employees would get money orders for payment.

But Jessica says that payment didn't come for two or three weeks.
And she says Jenkins didn't pay her, it was his former partner Joe Morris.

Morris told us he paid her out of his own pocket.

He further tells us Jenkins has some of his own personal equipment and has refused to return it, including the sign he says he paid for with his own money.

Jessica says Jenkins kept putting off the opening of the gym at the first location while accepting numerous clients.

"A lot of people would come sign up and put the money down front and it never opened," she said.

We attempted to talk with Jenkins about these additional problems, but he refused comment.

As for how Get Going Fitness was first brought to our attention, Monique Lewis asked for her money back.

Six weeks after her request and after finding out the business had moved, Jenkins refunded Lewis' money.

"We definitely wanted to satisfy her, make sure she gets satisfied," said Jenkins.

Reporter: "Do you think if we hadn't started asking questions that you would've received your money?"

Lewis: "No not at all. I'm very thankful to the news station for actually taking up my cause."

Morris tells us when he went to get his equipment from Jenkins, there was an altercation.

Tallahassee Police are currently investigating a "battery touch or strike" complaint against Jenkins.

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