Jacksonville Zoo And Gardens Announces Births Of Giraffe And Zebra

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Press Release: Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

July 16, 2013 – Jacksonville, Fla. – Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is excited to announce the birth of its 34th Reticulate Giraffe calf. Born July 8 at 1:51 p.m., the calf weighed 179 pounds and measured six feet three inches tall at birth. The calf stood up and began nursing within 30 minutes after her birth.

This was mother Naomi’s third offspring and Duke’s, the calf’s father, 10th since he arrived at the Jacksonville Zoo in April 2003. Her naming rights were won by the Callaghan family at the Zoo’s annual fundraiser, ExZOOberation. The Callaghan family chose “Hamley” as a combination of the two children’s names. “Hamley” is doing well and can occasionally be seen on exhibit.

“It’s always a thrill to celebrate the addition of a new Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens family member,” said Dan Maloney, deputy director of conservation and education at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. “Our little girl giraffe is the sixth calf to be born in three years! We now have a herd of eleven giraffe, with four under a year and half. Watching young giraffe play together is a great sight. We encourage everyone to come early and often to enjoy the fun with us.”

Also new to the Zoo is a baby Grevy’s Zebra. Born Saturday, July 13, the foal was found on exhibit when Zoo Keeper Toni Piccolotti arrived for her shift. This is the second foal for Eclipse, the foal’s mother, since her arrival at the Zoo in 2010. Eclipse is doing an exceptional job caring for and nursing her foal. The foal’s name has been won at the Zoo’s annual fundraiser, ExZOOberation, and has yet to be decided. Mother and foal can be seen on exhibit. Mosi, the foal’s father, is currently residing in the back holding yard to allow mom and baby space and time to adjust. The Zoo keepers anticipate the father will play too roughly with the foal.

“We’ve been anticipating our new baby zebra. As I walked towards the exhibit that morning, I was excited to see our new baby standing alongside the mare looking very alert, healthy, and strong,” said Keeper Toni Piccolotti. “We’re very happy to have this young filly for our guests to enjoy.”

Photo Credit | Marina Martin
Photo Credit | Mark Sheppe

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