Jasper Road Work

By: Charlene Cristobal
July 21, 2014

JASPER, Fla. -- 'Road Work Ahead' signs have taken over the downtown Jasper area. It's all part of a large project being done by the Florida Department of Transportation to improve the roads. According to FDOT, around 6,100 vehicles travel through downtown each day.

The city is gearing up for a $7.7 million project that will improve the roads but also cause some detours you need to know about.

The improvement project will start on US 41 and State Road 6, and go through downtown Jasper. "A lot of expensive drainage work done in the [area] for this project," says Rebecca Leigh White of the Florida Department of Transportation. "The rest is just resurfacing along those nine miles to make a smoother road surface."

The project will cause various road closures and detours in the downtown area.

Residents in the area are hesitant to accept the news of more road closures. "They just had road closures [up the road], but you learn to make due," says Michelle Walls, who owns 'Michelle's Unique Boutique' near two possible road closures downtown. "I guess it needs to be done, but I mean even with the businesses, maybe they could be a little more considerate and let people know about what's going on. I guess if it needs to get done, it has to get done. As long as they can make it the easiest they can for everybody."

Here is a list of possible detours and road closures. It's important to note that each of these are subject to change.

3rd Street Southeast
When work is underway on 3rd Street Southeast at Central Avenue Southeast, 3rd Street Southeast may be reduced to one way only. Traffic may use 1st Avenue Southeast to Martin Luther King Drive back to Central Avenue.

1st Avenue Southeast
When work is underway on 1st Avenue Southeast from 3rd Street Southeast to MLK Drive, 1st Avenue Southeast may be reduced to one way only, allowing traffic to travel north. Traffic may be detoured to MLK Drive to Central Avenue to 3rd Street Southeast back to 1st Ave Southeast.

Hatley Street West
When work is underway on Hatley Street West at 1st Ave Southeast, Hatley Street West may be reduced to one lane. Two-way traffic will be maintained using flaggers.

Martin Luther Kind Drive
When work is underway on Martin Luther King Drive from 1st Ave Southwest to Central Avenue, the road may be completely closed and traffic detoured. Traffic may use 1st Street Southwest to Hatley Street West to Central Avenue.

Hatley Street West at Jasper City Hall
During work on Hatley Street at Jasper City Hall and Jasper Fire & Rescue, Hatley Street may be reduced to one lane.

2nd Avenue Northwest
When work is underway on 2nd Ave Northwest from Hatley Street West to just north of 1st Avenue Northwest, 2nd Avenue Northwest may be reduced to one way traffic only allowing traffic to travel north. Traffic may detour to 2nd Street Northwest to 3rd Street Northwest to Hatley Street West to 2nd Avenue Northwest. During this time, the intersection of 1st Street Northwest may also be closed.

FDOT says that the roads are not expected to be closed at the same time. The improvement project is set to be completed by spring 2015.

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