Jazz for Justice in Downtown Tallahassee

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If you were near downtown Tallahassee this afternoon you may have heard some jazz music and celebration.

That's because one organization held its biggest fundraiser of the year.

Legal Services of North Florida held its annual Jazz for Justice festival.

There was plenty of music, food and dancing but for many people the event means saving lives.

"Many of them come in and they say exactly that. They say, 'you know, you saved my life,'" Kris Knab, Executive Director of Legal Services of North Florida said.

Legal Services of North Florida is a non-profit organization that represents people in civil legal cases for free.

It helps nearly 7,000 people a year, including those suffering from domestic violence, people with disabilities, the elderly and even children.

"We serve the whole Panhandle really, from Jefferson County all the way over to Pensacola," Knab said.

Jazz for Justice is the largest fundraiser the organization holds.

This year organizers hope to raise $55,000.

Kris says because of hard economic times it's gotten harder to help the people who need it the most.

"It's absolutely essential that we continue to raise awareness through events like this, through stories like this, to be able to get the word out and have people who are willing to serve that need," Knab added.

Nearly 200 items were donated by local businesses for the evening's auction.

They ranged from gift certificates to baskets to artwork.

One local artist who donated his work says it was a gift to be able to help.

"If art can heal you, and a person who needs justice needs healing, then the only thing you have to do is add the two together," Paul Houzell said.

Hundreds of people came out to the event to show their support.

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