Jeb Bush to Co-chair GOP Group Targeting Latinos

Miami, FL (AP) - Former Minnesota U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman is
launching a new Republican effort to attract Hispanics and has
tapped former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to help chair the group.

The Hispanic Leadership Network plans to hold its first meeting
next month in Coral Gables. The group is the latest Republican
effort to draw more Latinos to its tent. Despite the election of
new Hispanic governors and members of Congress, the party did not
fair well in last month's elections among Latinos in key states
like Colorado and Nevada, necessary to win the 2012 presidency.

Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez will co-chair
the group, which is likely to be well-funded. Coleman's American
Action Network spent more than $22 million on Republican races
during the midterms.

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