Jefferson County Kennel Club Robbery

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Monticello, FL - The search is on for a group of men who robbed a local dog track. Authorities say they got away with more than 10,000 dollars.

Three men broke into the Jefferson County Kennel Club just outside of Monticello, and held up a security guard and other employees at gun point on November 3rd.

The whole thing took just minutes.

According to the incident report, the men wearing gray sweat pants and hoods, went straight to the vault.

Witnesses told sheriff deputies that the men got away with money, then hauled it in several cars, one of them being a gray or tan four door.

Deputies found blood at the scene that may belong to one of the robbers. Witnesses say one of the men was cut when he jumped the window to enter the money room.

Jack Carswell, Jefferson County Resident, stated, "we have a very low crime rate and when those things happen they startle us a little bit."

Deputies say the robbers got away with approximately 15,000 dollars in cash.

The folks at JCKC did not want to comment on the hold up.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about the robbery to give them a call at 850-997-256.

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