Jewelry Store Pledging To Pay Back Customers If Temps Hit 99 Degrees On The Fourth

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By: Emily Johnson
July 3, 2014

Bainbridge, GA - For customers who purchased jewelry from Godwin Jewelers during the month of June they could get a refund.

It's all part of a promotion the jewelry store ran and it seems to be working. If the temperature hits 99 degrees or above at the Tallahassee Airport on July 4TH then the jewelry store refund money to those who bought jewelry in June.

"Tens and tens of thousands of dollars, lots of money and we're insured for it. People ask well how can you do that, how can you give all of your money back. We'll we're insured we bought an insurance policy so we want it to happen as much or more as our customers do," said Ronnie Godwin, Godwin Jewelers Owner.

Godwin Jewelers said a popular item during the promotion was engagement.

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