Jim Greer Trial Back on Track

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Orlando, FL - For the better part of a year, former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer has been waiting for his day in court.

The reason: his lawyer, Cheney Mason, was hired by Casey Anthony to help her avoid a murder conviction.

Because Mason couldn't be in two places at once, Greer's grand theft case was put on hold. It is now back on track, with hearings scheduled to resume later this month and a trial planned for Sept. 12.

Greer is accused of embezzling $125,000 in party donations using an illegal shell company. He had already resigned as chairman when he was arrested last June.

Privately, many Republican operatives are concerned the trial will allow Greer's defense team to smear the state party and leading legislators at precisely the time the GOP's presidential candidates will be barnstorming the state for a crucial straw poll and two debates.

In the past, Mason said that the investigation into Greer has to do with his support of former Gov. Charlie Crist, and that state Republican leaders had knowledge of Greer's company.

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