Fisher Apologizes After Using the Term 'Retarded' at Press Conference

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Florida state's head football coach said something Monday he probably shouldn't have

When asked about the BCS college football standings, coach fisher called them "retarded".

Coach Fisher apologized for the comment through a statement last night, but some groups around Tallahassee think this is a clear signal that we need to get rid of the word "retarded" in conversation all together.

Coach Jimbo Fisher, in response to statement, "some of those computers have you guys behind like, 6-5 teams, 5-5 teams", stated,
"I mean how retarded is it! You hear em on the BCS last night saying they'd rather have us play in the championship game than somebody else play."

Within a time frame of about two seconds, FSU football Coach Jimbo Fisher ignited a social media firestorm.

Comments from the Twittersphere ranged from people outraged about the coaches word choice to agreement when he was talking about the championship ranking system being in his words, retarded.

The Executive Director of the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Debra Dowds believes this isn't a Fisher issue, but more so people accepting the word.

Debra Dowds, FDDC Executive Director, "this is a word that everybody, every person needs to realize should not be used. Regardless of how you use the word, there's an automatic FDDC Public Service Announcement association to an individual with intellectual disabilities."

Coach Fisher released an apology Monday night saying "It was brought to my attention that I used a word during today's press conference that I did not intend to use. That is not the way I think. It was a poor choice of a word. I did not mean to offend anyone in any particular way. Please accept my sincere apology."

Associated Press Release

Tallahassee, FL (AP) - Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has apologized for using the term "retarded" in response to a question about his team's ranking in the BCS standings that determine which teams play for the national championship.

Fisher said Monday the present system "stinks" and when asked about Florida State's being 10th behind three Southeastern Conference teams with two losses, he asked "how retarded is it?"

A few hours later, Fisher apologized. He said that it's not the way he thinks and he didn't mean to offend anyone.

Fisher said during his weekly news conference that he believes only coaches are capable of picking the country's best teams, noting that he voted his team fourth in this week's coaches' poll.

The Seminoles are 9-1 overall and also ranked No. 10 nationally.

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