Job Fair for Job Seekers

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Countless job seekers were looking for work, meeting employers- at this year's job fair.

"What is great about today's event is that we see the comeback, the comeback that are community is experiencing the confidence that were seeing among employers, who are looking at hiring great candidates," said CEO Kimberly Moore from Workforce Plus.

From state government jobs like the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Corrections to Capital Regional Medical Center were hiring at the event.

"We are looking for people who demonstrate good job stability and have certain certifications will give you the leg up," said Portia Huston from Capital Regional Medical Center.

Some job seekers felt like entry level jobs should have been available.

"You still need a job and those companies have people that are doing things within those companies that you don't need a degree to do and they need to come out and give people like me the opportunity," said Della Solomon, a Job Seeker.

Florida's unemployment rate drops to 8 percent- the lowest since 2008, but according to the Florida Economic Estimating Conference by 2018, Florida is expected to create more than 900,000 new jobs.

Overall, event attendees were confident this could be a step up in the right direction.

"It is a step up because I'm telling you their is a lot of companies and they have a lot of jobs, so for the ones who get the jobs, I'm very happy for them," said Solomon.

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