Keep Man's Best Friend Cool During Dog Days Of Summer

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By: Kevin Clark
June 4, 2014 5:30pm

Tallahassee, FL - As the weather warms up, veterinarians are again reminding people not to leave pets in their car.

Thousands of dogs die each year after being left in hot cars.

Unlike people, dogs can't sweat to keep cool. If a person and a dog are in a hot car, it's possible the dog might be overheating while the person doesn't feel a thing.

"Dogs cool by panting so they don't cool very efficiently when there's no cool air to take in," says Peg Fricke, Veterinarian at Capital Circle Veterinarian Hospital. "It's just hot air in, hot air out."

Signs of overheating include panting, searching for water, and vomiting.

If this happens, see a vet right away.

The most important advice veterinarians can offer though, is don't bring your dogs with you when you leave the house in the summer.

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