A Halloween Safe From Sex Offenders

By: Julie Montanaro
October 29, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Sex offenders in Florida are getting a knock on the door this week so they won't get a knock on the door Halloween night.

Probation officers are checking to be sure sex offenders aren't giving out candy that night and FDLE is encouraging parents to check the sex offender registry before heading out to trick or treat.

Karen Duncan is planning to take her three children trick or treating Halloween night. She was surprised to hear there were 6 sex offenders, including a sexual predator-- within a mile of this park.

Karen Duncan, mother: "You know it makes me a little nervous, but I do try to keep a good close eye on my children, I don't let them walk around neighborhoods on their own."

Parents who want to see if there are any sex offenders on your trick or treating route can simply head to the FDLE web site, click on sex offender registry, and then choose a neighborhood search and type in their address.

Gretl Plesinger, FDLE: "It tells you where they live, and it will give you a map of the area so you can actually see where they live from your location."

FDLE typically sees a spike in folks checking the sex offender registry on Halloween day. The Department of Corrections says sex offenders are ordered to keep their porch lights out and refrain from handing out candy Halloween night.

Ashley Smith, mother: "I think that's a great idea, I hope htey follow the rules and I think there should be pretty stiff consequences if they're caught doing that."

FDLE says the Halloween spike has already begun. Sex offender inquiries are up 10% so far this week.

To Search:

Click Here To Visit FDLE Sex Offender Neighborhood Search

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