Keith Miles Out as Voice of the Rattlers

By Julie Montanaro
August 27, 2014

Rattler fans who tune in to listen to the game Saturday night may be in for a big surprise.

FAMU has named a new play by play announcer to replace Keith Miles, who has been the Voice of the Rattlers for the past 30 years.

"He throws down field, got a man, that's .... makes the catch!"

Rattler fans know that voice. Keith Miles has done FAMU's play by play for 30 years, but he won't be doing it anymore.

FAMU has hired a new play by play announcer who will start as the new voice of the Rattlers in the season opener against Jackson State Saturday night.

"It'll be different. It'll be funny to hear the whole play-by-play without the same exuberance that Keith Miles used to give," Rattler fan Johnny McCaskill said.

"He will be missed," FAMU fan Wayne Daniels said, "so I wish him well. I hope they find somebody that's close to him."

"It's definitely a big change," FAMU Sports Information Director Vaughn Wilson said.

Wilson says the move to a new play by play announcer - and a smaller broadcast team - will allow the university to save more than $20,000 a year and give it access to more ad revenue too.

"There are cost savings and cost earnings to this move and those are the bottom lines for the move," SID Vaughn Wilson said.

Wilson says it will also put the athletic department in charge of the broadcasts and allow broadcast journalism students to play a bigger role in both the radio and web casts of FAMU's games.

"Kind of bringing in a fresh approach," Wilson said.

Miles says his contract with the boosters expired at the end of last season and FAMU did not sign a new one.

"I had a feeling. It's a new administration," Keith Miles said Wednesday.

Miles says he's grateful that he got to call so many big plays - and big players - and will miss sharing that excitement on the radio.

"I wouldn't trade those moments for anything," he said. "To the fans, they've been great. I want to thank them. They have always waved with all five fingers - never one - as coach Billy Joe would say, and I am appreciative of that."

The new voice of the Rattlers is FAMU graduate Joshua Jackson.

Jackson sent an instagram message announcing the change on August 16th.

His linked in page says he is a P-A announcer for the Jacksonville Giants and the Jacksonville Sharks and does play by play for Edward Waters College.

FAMU football games will continue to be broadcast on 96.1 JAMZ, says vice president Dot Ealy.

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