Large Crowd at the Tallahassee Gun Show

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
February 3, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Organizers of the Tallahassee Gun Show drew in record crowds, in fact, at times there were 500 people or more in line to buy a gun.

The Gun Show had to open doors, at 8 a.m., an hour Saturday morning to accommodate the large crowd.

"About 800 to 900 people in an hour, so we opened an hour earlier because of the long lines," said Victor Bean, a gun promoter.

"I think people are scared and I think they are afraid there is going to come a time where you can't buy guns," said Rhonda Bailey, a Gun Owner.

"We have a waiting list, we will take no new orders until June, this is the first of February," said George Pouliotte, a gun dealer. "People are almost in a panic type mode purchasing everything that they can."

Many gun owners say they are "panic buying or hoarding" as a result to the President's gun control proposal.

"What we feel is that all the gun legislation they're talking about wouldn't have done anything to stop all these mass shootings," said Bean.

The gun show is prepared for a big crowd again Sunday morning.

Barricades are already set up in anticipation for the long lines once again.

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