The Home Show Makes Vendors and Builders Optimistic

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
February 10, 2013

A lot of traffic at the home show in the Tallahassee Civic Center makes vendors and buyers more optimistic about the economy.

"So many have come by and talk to me already about future projects, I's been a really good turn out," said Bryant Skipper, from the Big Bend Builders.

"The people are different this year, a lot better sales, more activity, everyone is a little more optimistic," said John Salvo, from Salvo Pool & Spa.

"We're looking at building a new house, we're kinda just looking to see what everybody is offering," said Jennifer Williams, a Home Show Goer.

It's not just here in Tallahassee where people are more positive about building.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the housing market index increased 10 points compared to 18 last year.

"A lot of people are serious about remodeling, about building, its a breath of fresh air after X amount of years of depression in the building business," said Bob Snyder, the Home Show Organizer.

Vendors, this year, have seen booming business.

"I think people are getting more comfortable with coming and spending a little bit of money, Lorne Reinstin, from Hi-tech System Associates.

"I guess the economy is getting better," said Salvo. "Everybody is just tired of waiting."

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