Law Enforcement Steps Up Patrol For Holiday Travel

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Thomasville, GA- The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled days of the year; but with an increase in the number of cars on the road, also comes an increase in the possibility of an automobile accident.

"This is typically a family holiday, people are happy to see their family members and when we have to go knock on the door and tell them that their family has been involved in a serious crash, yeah that puts a damper on everything for us, as well as the family," said SFC W. Tracy Tabb with the Georgia State Patrol.

According to AAA, around 39 million people will be hitting the road to get where they need to be this holiday season whichis why Georgia State Patrol Troopers say they'll also be on the look out for drunk drivers.

"Football games, ball games, barbecuing in the backyard; people like to partake in alcohol and we just ask if you're going to drink, just don't drive or get a designated driver."

Dave Smith and his wife are visiting Thomasville from Wisconsin. Smith said during his time on the road this holiday season he is taking precautions to make sure he arrives safety.

"One thing for sure, don't drink and drive. That's a big no-no, just don't do it and drive defensively and everything should hopefully work out for a joyous and festive thanksgiving," said Smith,

If you are spending time on the highway this holiday season, Georgia State Patrol Troopers say give yourself plenty of time to reach your final destination, buckle up, and slow down.

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