Law Enforcement Intensifies Patrol Efforts on I-75

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"Every life that is saved is another graduation, another birthday, another anniversary and another holiday without sadness."

This weekend you can expect to see more law enforcement on I-75. That's because they are participating in an intensified enforcement effort called "Staying Alive on I-75."

"Actually this campaign is a nation-wide campaign. International Association Chiefs of Police conducted something similar last year and the past couple of years and Florida has decided to get on board and kind of coordinate the campaign on I-75 throughout the country," said Major Gene Spaulding of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The Florida Highway patrol is working in conjunction with the Georgia State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies across 6 states to help eliminate fatal crashes on I-75.

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan are participating in the campaign, which covers the entire 1,786 miles of the interstate.

"Partnerships work, partnerships save lives and that's what we're trying do is cooperate and work with each other and through these partnerships we can reduce traffic fatalities on our interstate," said Capt. Chris Wright of the Georgia State Patrol.

Drivers say they would prefer more officers patrolling the roads.

"I like the increase of law enforcement on the highways, I've noticed a lot of police officers, I think it's a great idea, we're from Michigan so we're coming to sunshine state," said Debbie Hutchison.

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