Lawyers Cry Foul Over Poll Results Used in Campaign

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Tallahassee, FL-A poll conducted by the Tallahassee Bar that's now being used as part of a political campaign, has some lawyers crying foul.

About a dozen lawyers spoke out Thursday against the results of a poll evaluating the District 2 Judicial Candidates: Barbara Hobbs Josefina Tamayo and Kris Dunn.

The poll issued in June, found about 80 percent of those surveyed found Tamoya to be qualified based on her legal ability.

However, the lawyers argued since less than 14 percent of those who were sent the survey responded, the poll's results should not be used as a barometer of how lawyers in Tallahassee feel.

But members of the Tamayo campaign say the poll specifically asked for responses from only those who had sufficient knowledge of the candidates and the results of the poll still hold merit.

The Tallahassee Bar says the poll does not reflect and is not intended to reflect the opinion of the Tallahassee Bar or lawyers in general. It is simply a reflection of the views of those lawyers who chose to respond based on their personal knowledge.

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