Legislation To Improve School Accountability Passes First Senate Committee

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News Release: Florida Senate

Tallahassee–The Florida Senate Committee on Education, chaired by Senator John Legg (R-Lutz), today introduced and passed Senate Proposed Bill 7060, Education Accountability. The legislation aims to increase transparency and simplicity in Florida’s school grading system.

“Transparency and accountability are critical for parents and families when making choices for their children’s education options,” said Chair Legg. “SPB 7060 brings meaningful changes to ensure our parents have a reliable and accountable educational system.”

“By increasing transparency, simplicity and accountability, we can restore public confidence in Florida’s school grading system,” said Senate President Don Gaetz (R-Niceville). “We are taking the grading system back to the basics by eliminating triggers and safety nets. School grades will also be released in the summer at the same time every year, and students will be measured with an easy-to-understand formula.”

Senate Bill 7060 creates a clarified A-F and 100-point school grading system where point values, not safety nets or triggers, are the indicator of grade earned. Under the bill, district and school grades, which would be released every year in the summer at the same time, will be based on clarified, quantitative student performance levels balanced with qualitative indicators. The bill will require schools to be accountable for 95% of their students through assessments and removes safety nets to ensure all students are accountable in the school grading system. No changes would be made to the current school grading system in 2013-14; however, the new 2014-15 school grades will function as an informational baseline for schools to work toward improved future performance.

For more information on Senate Bill 7060, please visit www.FLSenate.gov.

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