Leon Co. Commission Chairwomen Speaks on Women's History Month

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 12, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Students at SAIL High School in Tallahassee got a visit from one of their own.

Leon County Commission Chairwoman Kristin Dozier spoke to students at SAIL Wednesday morning. It was a part of the school's "Alumni Returns" series.

Dozier is a 1993 graduate of SAIL. She is being spotlighted for Women's History Month.

Dozier says, "I think it's not just about women in history. We have to see more of that, but, we have to think about including more women, getting more women to be in leadership roles and to speak their minds and not feel self conscience about that."

The student body president at SAIL, Amina Kamau, says, "She is where I want to be. I plan to go into political science and pursue politics. So, just to know that someone who came from a small school, such as SAIL with such a diverse background; just to see her be able to do it, just lets me know that there's a path for me to be able to make it, too."

When Dozier was a SAIL student, she petitioned the school board to incorporate and recognize women's history in the curriculum.

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