Leon Co. Schools Increase In All Seven FCAT Assessment Areas

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News Release: Leon County Schools
June 6, 2014

Tallahassee—The Florida Department of Education released 2013-14 FCAT data for reading (4th—10th grades), mathematics (4th—8th grades), and science (5th and 8th grades).

Leon County Schools continues to exceed or meet the state average in all FCAT content areas and grade levels. For the second year in a row, LCS was recognized by the Florida State Board of Education as an Academically High Performing District.

LCS ranked in the top 3 of majority-minority districts in all areas. LCS ranked first in all reading areas, except 9th (third), and first in 5th and 8th grade mathematics.

“Once again I am so proud of all of our students, teachers and administrators,” said Superintendent Jackie Pons. “These latest FCAT results are evidence of the hard work and dedication of our entire school community.”


At the elementary level, Pineview showed the greatest gains of any elementary school, increasing 21% from the previous year. Nims Middle School had the largest increase of any middle school, increasing 19% from the previous year. At the high school level, SAIL had the largest increase of any grade level, increasing 9% from the previous year.


Bond (+27%) had the largest increase in math from the previous year among elementary schools. At the middle school level, Griffin (+16%) showed the greatest gains in math.


LCS elementary schools increased proficiency by 7%. Oak Ridge had the largest increase of any elementary school, increasing 36% from the previous year. Fifteen of 24 elementary schools showed improvements in science—ten of whom increased science proficiency by 10% or more. The three schools with the largest gains are Oak Ridge (+36%), Apalachee (+26%), Ruediger (+25%).

LCS increased proficiency by 5% in middle school science. Gains were seen in 88% of LCS middle schools. Nims (+15%) had the largest increase of any middle school from the previous year.

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