Leon County Budget Workshop

June 10, 2014 Alicia Turner
June 10, 2014 5:40

Some big ticket items were on the agenda Tuesday for the budget workshop. The last decision made was a unanimous vote to keep millage rates regarding property taxes the same.

Cathy Wilson, a resident of Tallahassee, said she is glad there aren’t more raises being made.

"That's wonderful, I'm a house owner. Fewer taxes or you know the same rate is fine we could use the savings and apply it towards our daughter’s college,” Wilson said.

According to the Chairman, Krisitin Dozier, of the Leon County Commissioners $62 million is what has been cut from the budget in recent years.

"I think one of the things you see today, is we didn't have to go as far as we did in recent years. We’re still making some cuts but they’re not as deep and drastic, and that’s a good thing for the whole community,” Dozier said.

There were fewer budget cuts being made, but there were also proposals for additions. One of the proposals was to add an emergency crew and money for ambulance funding.

Leon County Commissioner, Bill Proctor, said he will agree to the bill if more efforts are made to encourage diversity.

"I've asked for our board, to get on board and support the need for there to be greater diversity, ethnic diversity, in the area of emergency management. If we can tighten that up this year have it be more reflective of our community, I would feel a lot better about the expenditures of these public dollars, Proctor said.”

The budget won’t be final until September after it gets approved.

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