Leon County Commission Revises Noise Ordinance

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By Garin Flowers:
February 12, 2013

Unanimously, Leon County commissioners approved revisions to an ordinance regarding noise caused by construction.

It happened at their meeting Tuesday evening during the public hearing section.

"It was constituent driven, we did have some complaints coming in from our constituents, we also had some complaints coming in from some of our construction community," said Nick Maddox, commission chairman.

Maddox said several people approached them about the noise.

He further said people complained about construction during the weekend and during specific times.

"The commission was interested in looking at the ordinance and comparing it to other counties, like-sized counties in the state of Florida to see how we compare."

According to the commission, the two main issues were the prohibition of construction activity during the weekend and construction-related activity outside of the allowable time frame during weekdays.

Revisions for the ordinance voted on include allowing construction on Saturdays, but in an established time frame.

"The permit that will be given out will specify time of day, when the construction will be allowed," Maddox said.

The commission's staff will have the task of revising all approved construction sites and to fit them within the new provisions of the county's noise control ordinance.

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