Leon County Commissioner Wants to Get Rid of Illegal Signs

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By: Mike Springer
April 22, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-One Leon County Commissioner wants to get rid of signs put illegally on utility poles and in public easements.

Commissioner Bryan Desloge wants the County to robo-call the people who put up signs illegally. The County would contact the person through the number on the sign.

The owner could then receive multiple calls a day until the signs were taken down and they paid a fine. The fee for the fine would range between $75-$250 dollars depending on how many signs they had.

Desloge says it wouldn't go after signs for car washes or garage sales. Instead, it would target the commercially mass-produced ones He would also rely on citizens to alert the County if they see any illegal signs.

He estimates it will cost at least $900 for the County to implement the plan.

Desloge will bring up his plan at the April 23 County Commission meeting.

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