Leon County Commissioners Provide Clarity of Noise Ordinance

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Loud noise at a local business has put some residents in a funk.

It has Leon County commissioners trying to clear up a 'noisy' law.

"It's not fair to the individuals who work hard and come home on Friday after a 60 hour week just to listen to thump thump thump in our house," a concerned citizens of Killearn Lakes said.

The problem stems from Hurricane Bar and Grill.

It plays live music at night but residents who live behind the restaurant say the noise is too loud.

They've called deputies several times to complain.

Deputies who've responded had a problem.

They didn't know how to interpret the county's No Noise Ordinance.

One provision says live bands and music shouldn't be audible more than 50 feet away from where the noise is coming from.

The other provision states the same thing but only prohibits it between certain hours of the night.

The Leon County Board of Commissioners voted to go with the latter.

"Now you can walk in the door and say, 'Your time's passed. We've set these parameters, you need to shut it down,'" Commissioner Brian Desloge said.

In making this decision, the board chose not to develop a decibel limit.

But it did promise to revisit the issue in six months.

"We want to make sure we protect the homeowners and give them some peace and quiet. But at the same time you have to protect the businesses," Desloge said.

The city of Tallahassee operates its noise ordinance separately from Leon County, so the changes won't go into effect inside city limits.

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