Leon County Easter Egg Hunt

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
March 31, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--That sums up what tons of Tallahassee Children felt on Easter Sunday at Myers Park.

"I like all of it," said Gael Montiel, while getting ready to hunt eggs. "I like being with my family and having a great time trying to find eggs."

Even though it was a family-filled celebration. Children in the area had some serious tactics on how they would snatch the egg's at the community egg hunt.

"I am going to try to run fast and find all them because I already know where some of the eggs are at," said Montiel.

"I am going to go before the whistle blows," said a young Tallahassee resident, at the event.

City officials hid more than 12-thousand eggs-that's twice as much as last year, so expectations were high.

"It's so fun," said Charla Lucas, a Tallahassee city official. "We get to put on a party and everybody comes to it--it's wonderful."

It's been a Tallahassee tradition for over 50 years and prizes range from candy to gift certificates to the Challenger Learning Center.

"Everyone will walk away with something whether it will be a game or a small prize or some candy," said Allie Behrman, a Tallahassee city official. "We want to make sure everyone leaves in a good mood and smiling."

City officials, have not let the rabbit out of the hat about next year's festivities, but they sure want top this one.

More than a thousand kids with their families showed up to the celebration.

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