Leon County Election Day Wrap-Up

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Good Shepherd Catholic Church is one of the precincts that the Leon County Supervisor of Elections office has reported as having one of the highest turnouts.

Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says, "I can't tell you for certain which one has the highest percentage turnout, but I know they have all been steady."

First-time Skyler Matchett says, "This is more about the presidential race for me I just think that there are a lot of issues that affect my home life and those are the most important and most relavent to me. This time around there were a few things that I like of course for the high schools that was important for because I was in that school system. That's something that affects my family directly."

Many of the people we spoke with today said that they were most concerned about the presidential race.

No matter what brought people to the polls, elections officials say that Florida could be headed for record-high voter turnout numbers.

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