Leon County Emergency Management Telephone Service Outage

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News Release: Leon County

CenturyLink recently made Leon County Emergency Management, serving as the 911 administrator for Leon County, aware of a major fiber cut. The resulting network outage, caused by an unrelated party that cut the fiber, may be impacting land-line telephone, Internet, and TV services in the Killearn Lakes area. Technicians are currently working to isolate the problem and estimating a restoration time of 7 p.m. EST.

The 911 system is up and fully functioning.

For affected CenturyLink customers requiring telephone service during the network outage, cellular telephone service should still be available to make emergency calls.

Officials stress that callers should provide the 911 operator with the physical address or specifics of where the emergency is taking place, as well as state the type of emergency.

Residents who do not have cellular phone service, should seek land-line service on another service provider or travel to a location outside of the affected area for telephone service.

For general inquiries related CenturyLink service and status updates, please contact Carmen Butler at (850) 599-1821.

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