Leon County Goes Back To School, High Schools May See An Extra 600 Kids

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Tallahassee, FL -- About 33,000 students hit the books for the first time in Leon County Monday. Preliminary counts show that the high schools could see an extra 500 to 600 kids for enrollment.

At the elementary level, parent Laneka Stokes was prepping one of her four children for the first grade.

"It's okay, kindergarten was hard, so we're hoping that first grade be a little bit easier for us," she said.

Inside some of Leon County's schools, the teachers have it just as crazy as the kids in the halls.

"We really try to comfort the students and let them know they are welcome, we really want to give them a safe and positive environment," said Apalachee Elementary first grade teacher Jamila Gilyard.

Over at Lincoln High School, world history teacher Billie Anne Gay says that teachers usually have to prepare for the worst on day one.

"Always the copier stops working, everything that could happen does, but it seems like our new teachers are ready, so it's exciting to kind of help them along," she laughed.

Outside the schools, city commissioner Scott Maddox delivered donuts to the crossing guards. He says they're underpaid.

"I hope it brings some attention to the fact that they're underpaid and under-appreciated, we entrust our kids safety to them, we oughta appreciate them more," said Maddox.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons said that safety is the priority on the first day over test scores. He's still working on some measures for the younger kids, and says that the potential extra bodies at the high school level could put a strain on resources.

"I would love to see us eventually have S-R-O's in our elementary school, I've talked about that, funding is an issue right now, we'll continue to work that with the legislature, hopefully down the road that will happen" said Pons.

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