Leon County Neighborhood Services

By: Alicia Turner
September 4, 2014

For the last four years Carolyn Haynes says she struggles getting up and down her front steps but soon that will all change.

Carolyn Haynes, Leon County resident said, "I am handicapped and I can't climb the steps, so by them putting a ramp on my house, it will do my legs a whole lot better."

On Thursday Leon County employees and members of the Crown Ridge neighborhood came together to do some much needed work in the community.

Including making Carolyn's walk to her front door a lot easier.

Volunteers at this home are going to build a ramp, pressure wash, and paint it. The people that live here say there's only one word to describe how they feel.

"I'm just happy," said Haynes.

With more than 60 volunteers on hand Thursday's service in the community was centered around remembering the good that came out of the September 11th terrorist attack.

"Our county came together, people extended helping hands, lifted people up and that's the most positive thing our community can do is to come out here and do something positive, in remembrance of that very solemn day," said Jeri Bush, Director of Volunteer Leon.

There were 35 homes being worked on and more than 20 projects being completed.

Including a lot of clearing where residents say they hope to build a community playground.

Leon County will also host their fourth annual day of remembrance and service ceremony Thursday, September 11th.

The service will recognize the community service spirit unique to Leon County and also highlight the volunteer service performed today.

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