Leon County Sales Tax Committee Meets

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Tallahassee, Florida -September 27, 2012

The Leon County Sales Tax Committee approved new measures for the way in which groups can present their proposals to the committee in order to receive funds from the one percent sales tax.

The 18-member committee met for about 3 hours Thursday, September 27, to discuss the proposed measures.

Those measures include grouping organizations together through common factors such as 'education', 'utilities', etc and limiting presentations to between 10 and 15 minutes.

"We have so many groups and interests that we want to bring together we want to make sure that they all come together in a coordinated fashion," says Steven Evans, chair of the sales tax committee.

One percent of the 7.5 percent tax on goods in Leon County goes towards the sales tax fund.

The sales tax brings in between $35-40 million dollars annually. It helps pay for infrastructure projects throughout the City and County.

Unless it's renewed, the 10-year-old sales tax will expire in 2019.

The group meets again October 11.

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