Leon Co. Schools Superintendent Visits Schools to Reassure Parents

Leon County, FL - Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons spoke with parents as they pulled up at Sabel Palm Elementary to pick up their kids Tuesday afternoon.

Pons says many parents are anxious because of Friday's deadly elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Therefore, he wanted to reassure them that Leon County schools are safe.

Tallahassee resident Kenneth Curry says, "It reassures them that someone cares about their kids. By him being the superintendent, I think that speaks a lot for him."

Pons says, "I enjoy being out in the community. I always enjoy listening to our parents and talking about our school system. You can learn a lot from them."

Pons says administrators are re-evaluating current safety plans.

Mitchell Gray, who was picking up his grandson from school, says, "I think that's wonderful that the superintendent is out here supporting the kids and parents. That's great."

Members of the district leadership team also visited schools.

Leon County, FL - The Leon County schools superintendent assured parents, students, and teachers that it was safe to come to school this morning.

Superintendent Jackie Pons says, "When events like this happen, it creates a high level of anxiety for all of us. It makes us think about things we really don't' want to think about. It makes us discuss things we don't want to discuss. But, we need to; and that's what we're going to do."

Pons says his district has a comprehensive safety plan in place at each individual school.

He did not give specifics on security measures. "I don't really think this is the time to do that. I think it's a time to focus on the loss and to make sure that we deal with the emotional security first, rather than the physical security. We know all the plans we have in place."

He says he's focusing on the victims in Connecticut. "We will say prayers for all of the families and for the community."

Pons says he and his leadership team started Monday morning at elementary schools in the district. He says he wanted to assure students and parents that students are in one of the safest places than can be.

John Hunkiar, the school district's safety director, says, "Parents want to know whether or not we could prevent or whether we're prepared for that. I would say that we're in the best stance that we believe that we can be at this time."

Pons says they will evaluate current plans and make any necessary improvements.

Superintendent Pons says counselors are on standby.

He says if a teacher identifies a student in need of help, they will then refer them to a counselor.

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