Leon County Switches To Waste Pro

By: Lanetra Bennett
October 1, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Changes in trash can mean changes in cash for Leon County residents. The county has established a new partnership with Waste Pro that commissioners say could save residents money.

Leon County has switched from Waste Management to Waste Pro.

One of the main differences is "single-stream" recycling, which means residents will no longer need to separate their paper recyclables from their cans and bottles. There will be a large, green recycle can for all recyclables.

Commissioners say the new simplified recycling method is expected to increase recycling rates by at least 20 percent.

Leon County Commissioners unanimously approved Waste Pro as the new provider for waste collection services in unincorporated Leon County earlier this year.

The agreement with residential waste collector, Waste management expired at the end of September.

Commissioners say the new partnership with Waste Pro will mean a 30 percent savings for current subscribers. They say that's at least $71 a year.

Leon County resident Fred Allen says any savings helps. He says, "I've got a family to feed, it takes money to do that. We all work hard around here. That small amount that comes in, maybe we can do something else with it."

Commissioners say Waste Pro offered an environmental benefit, in that 100 percent of their truck fleet will operate on compressed natural gas, which they say is cleaner burning fuel than diesel.

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