Leon County Trying to 'Bear Proof' Trash Cans

Leon County, FL - Bear sightings are up in the Leon County area.

Florida's fish and wildlife conservation commission says that in 2009 they had 26 black bear sighting in neighborhoods, but in 2010 they had 213.

The FWC says that number has been the norm, so they're trying to deter the bears from rummaging through trash in neighborhoods.

"Leon County has decided to accept our offer to cover costs for people to try bear proof trash cans. We would select a community of about 200 homes and we would have them try it free for six months," said FWC Black Bear Management Coordinator David Telesco.

The metal reinforced trash cans would not be able to be opened by a bear's paws, hopefully keeping them from coming back to the neighborhoods. The FWC says they've seen bear issues decrease in the four other counties they have distributed the cans.

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