Three Arrested in School Vandalism Investigation [SLIDE SHOW]

From Left: Fidel Ibeneme, Edmond Adkins, Danial Ibrahim
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By Mike Springer
May 18, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-Parents, students and staff at several Leon County High Schools arrived Friday morning to see their schools vandalized with spray-paint.

"I'm really hurt to hear the kids are doing that because when I was here we had no problems," said Lincoln High School alum, Cedric Smith.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office arrested 18-year-old, Fidel Ibeneme, 18-year-old Edmond Adkins and 18-year-old Danial Ibrahim.

Authorities say they're behind the vandalism. All three are seniors at Lincoln High School.

"They were really good kids. From what I've known of them, there were no problems, they've never had any issues," said Chad Bright who recently graduated from Lincoln.

Students at Lincoln say the vandalism was part of a senior prank. They say it was done after their school was also vandalized.

But the students and staff at Lincoln say they don't want what happened to be a reflection of the school or the student-body as a whole.

"When I saw Florida High and the damage that was done there, it was just disgusting. It really was," said Lincoln High School principal Allen Burch. "They ( the senior class) don't want this to be indicative or representative of their senior year and they are going to make a statement about this."

Burch doesn't want to say just yet what that statement will be. But he expects something to be done this upcoming week.

All three men are out on bond tonight. They are charged with trespassing on school grounds and criminal mischief.

The principal says he plans to meet with the students' parents on Monday and decide if any further disciplinary action is needed

Statement by Lincoln High School Principal Allen Burch:

I have seen the photos and damage that occurred throughout the community in the name of Lincoln High School. Like you, I am disgusted by the images. While the investigation is ongoing, it appears that one or more Lincoln students are involved. If this is the case, our apologies go out to the schools and communities impacted by the actions of these individuals.

Destruction and vandalism such as this are not expressions of school spirit and the actions taken by a few do not represent the wonderful students at Lincoln. We will not be satisfied until all individuals involved are identified and the appropriate actions are taken against any Lincoln student involved.

Press Release: Leon County Sheriff's Office

On Friday, May 17, 2013, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office initiated criminal mischief investigations at five Leon County high schools.

Graffiti had been spray painted on buildings and cars on the campuses of Leon High School, Lincoln High School, Chiles High School, Godby High School and Rickards High School.

The combined damage totaled several thousand dollars.

School Resource Deputies, Detectives, Leon County School Safety and Security officials and staff from the respective schools began reviewing video surveillance and conducting interviews.

Detectives learned that Fidel Ibeneme, 18, Edmond Adkins,18, and Danial Ibrahim, 18, entered each of the campuses between the hours of 1:30 am and 3:30 am and caused the damage.

Detectives located Ibeneme at Lincoln High School where he is a senior. Ibeneme was interviewed, arrested and taken to the Leon County Jail. Detectives then located Adkins and Ibrahim.

They were also interviewed, arrested and taken to the Leon County Jail. Edmonds and Ibrahim are seniors at Lincoln High School also.

This investigation is continuing and additional arrests are forthcoming.

Full Press Release Attached

By: Lanetra Bennett
May 17, 2013

Leon County, FL - A possible end-of-the-year prank gone wrong is costing high schools in Leon County several thousand dollars.

Leon County Sheriff's deputies say they're following leads as to who vandalized school property.

Students and faculty were greeted first thing Friday morning with graffiti on several school buildings, written in Lincoln's school colors of green and gold.

Leon High School Principal Billy Epting says, "You start off angry and upset. Senior prank or pranks and those kinds of things are one thing. But, when you get into where you're damaging property, and particularly property that makes it very difficult to repair."

Vandals made their mark at six schools in Leon County: Leon, Chiles, Godby, Rickards, Florida High and even Lincoln.

Along with Lincoln's name, "Class of 2013," "#TBAS," and other images were displayed in spray paint on everything from walls and doors to walkways and steps.

The vandals marked out the words 'Florida State' on the Florida High's main marquis and wrote 'Lincoln' in green paint." The marquis was covered in green markings.

Lionell Singleton is a parent of a Godby High School student. He says, "We got to be careful with these things. We got to look close, stick close to our kids and find out what's going on because kids don't tell you everything that's going on these days."

Deputies say the vandalism was done sometime overnight.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office estimates the combined damage at the five public schools at several thousand dollars.

One of the workers at Leon said while scrubbing a brick wall, "We'll get it done. It's just going to take some man-hours."

The Leon County Sheriff's deputies say they are reviewing surveillance video from the five public schools. They are not saying how many people may be involved, but, they do say they have been interviewing potential witnesses and are following leads.

The FSU Police Department is handling the Florida High case separately.

Anyone arrested could face felony charges.

Principal Epting encourages students at Leon not to assume anything and to not jeopardize their graduation by retaliating.

Leon County, FL - Leon County Sheriff's Office deputies are currently reviewing surveillance video. At this time, suspects will face felony criminal mischief charges.

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Leon County, FL - Four Leon County High Schools have been vandalized with green spray paint.

A parent who said she dropped her son off at school this morning (Leon High School) said the school was vandalized with green spray paint.

Police are on the scene.

Leon principal says four other high schools hit.

Leon HS

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