Leon Schools One Million Book Challenge

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By: Natalie Rubino
August 27, 2014

It's a challenge that has all of Leon Schools talking.

"I don't think it's going to be too hard," said Jackson Lowe, Leon School Student.

The school district has set a goal for it's students to read one million books this year.

Leeanne Bower, 2nd grade teacher said, "I think we will have no problem achieving that. I think the kids are motivated they love a challenge."

"I read a lot of books," said Henry Montford, Leon School Student.

Leon Schools is also partnering with United Way this year who's donating 10,000 books to help complete the million book challenge.

Jackie Pons, Leon School's Superintendent said, "The real lesson is that we want our children to love to read and to be life long readers and to enjoy reading and we know that they'll perform at a higher level if they read a lot."

Lowe said, "Usually I like to read about animal books."

Last year Leon students read a total of 800,000 books.

"Reading itself is so important. It's a foundational skill that we need to foster as soon as children enter school," said Bower.

But teachers say it's critical for parents to help as well.

Bower said, "I think as long as parents are encouraging their children to read and finding time to read together cause that's important."

So with students like Jackson Lowe and Henry Montford

"I read at night before I got to bed," said Montford

"I read day and night," said Lowe.

Leaders of Leon Schools say they have no doubt the challenge will be met.

The school district keeps track of all the books read through its Accelerated Reader program digitally. Superintendent Jackie Pons told students today that if they meet the challenge he and the Principals will host a big celebration at the end of the year.

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