Liberals, Tea Party Come Together Demanding Ethics Reform

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To say it was a diverse political group might be understating it. Lead by government watchdog group Integrity Florida, representatives of liberal think tank Progress Florida and conservative group The Tea Party Network came together to show bipartisan support of ethics reform.

"I think it's very significant, it's very seldom in the halls of the capitol here that you see such a broad range of political groups that are standing up and agreeing that we all need to move in the same direction," said Progress Florida Political Director Damien Filer.

Former Executive Director for the Commission on Ethics Phil Claypool submitted his analysis of both the Florida House and Senate's ethics reform proposals, saying that the house and senate bills still fall short of real reform. Demanding reform was enough of a reason for both liberals and conservatives to put aside their political differences.

"I think that ethcis reform is a non-partisan issue and I believe that it is an issue that we can agree with each other on," said The Tea Party Network Chairwoman Catherine Baer.

"We may disagree on other policy issues but we can all agree on good government," said Filer.

The group says that both the House and Senate bills are not tough enough on financial disclosure forms, saying there is too much leniency on candidates that do have complaints raised against them.

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