Live Oak City Council President Suspended After Allegations of Threats

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-- Live Oak, Fl. -- March 21, 2013 --

Live Oak's City Council President Adam Prins has been accused of threatening the Mayor by Live Oak's fire chief.

Mayor Sonny Nobles said "he has made threats on what I feel is my life and my safety."

The statement that the fire chief gave to the mayors office says in part that he heard Mr. Prins say that he fantasized about beating the mayor and that he liked to picture blood and teeth coming from his face.

Live Oak Fire Chief Chad Croft said "in my letter I said I have no problem taking a lie detector test, going under oath. I stand by my statement one hundred percent."

Croft says the conversation took place at a city council meeting on March 12th. The Mayor has since given the statement to the governors office. But the Suwannee County Sheriff has already taken action.

Sheriff Tony Cameron said "he's a correctional officer also with the sheriff's office and we've suspended him with pay during the time that we do an internal investigation to see exactly what occurred."

We tried to speak with Prins on camera. He declined but did release this statement to us saying the following:

"As part of this process the Sheriff is conducting an internal investigation regarding the allegation. While the investigation is still open, I do not wish to comment. I will give a full statement at the appropriate time."

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