Local Businesses Boosted by Holiday Shopping

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Local businesses cashed in on the holiday rush in the days leading up to Christmas

Ashley Quick:
"We had an increased number of people in here buying gifts, we even extended our hours to accomodate everyone. Opened a little bit early," said Ashley Quick, a manager at "Heels & Handbags" in Tallahassee.

The store opened in 2011 on Black Friday and for the second year in a row the holidays have been good to them. They're also hoping that the amount of gift certificates they sold turns into more business down the road.

Meanwhile next door, Cigars of Tally also saw more people burning some cash on presents

"We had a lot of cutsomers coming in asking about our humadors, our accessories, and wanted to take advantage of our buy 10 get one free sale," said employee Eric Clark.

It didn't hurt that the businesses had a little extra help.

"This year we actually had the Chamber of Commerce come in and run a special deal and they did some advertising on our behalf so that really helped us out," said Clark.

Both stores were thankful that the Chamber helped put some locally owned product underneath the trees this Christmas.

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