Internet Café Manager Angry Over Denial of Business License

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Perry, FL - An internet cafe in Perry, Florida is now re-opening after city leaders refused to renew her business license.

Debbie Taylor, the manager of the diamond dust internet cafe, says they re-opened today with a new license, thanks to the help of an attorney.

Perry, FL - There are many questions that surround internet cafés. Like what are they? Are they gambling establishments?

That's the issue affecting Debbie Taylor.

"They don't want internet cafés here within the city," Taylor said.

She manages Diamond Dust in Perry. Her license to run her internet café wasn't renewed by the city.

They posted a cease and desist letter on her window explaining why they had to stop business.

"They are trying to impose things in their letter, not in the ordinance, that aren't there," Taylor said.

For internet cafés, the city has its own ordinance to regulate them:

- The video machines used must prove to be non-slot machines.

- They must get that approval from independent labs.

- Vendors must send test results directly to the city to be recognized as valid.

"We have not received a valid certification from a business that certifies these machines," said Captain Jamie Cruse with the Perry Police Department.

City leaders said Diamond Dust and the other internet café in town, Cool Breeze, were notified in July that they were not in compliance and that their machines have not passed the test of being non-slot machines.

"This is something they agreed upon in the beginning, this was not forced upon them," Cruse said.

Taylor went back to the city Tuesday and was told once again she cannot have her business license until certain requirements are met.

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