Local Company Fueled by Restaurant's Oil

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Tallahassee, FL - The vans at Tallahassee Floor Finishing get some serious mileage.

So does the kitchen at Kool Beanz Cafe in midtown Tallahassee.

The busier that kitchen stays, the happier Thomas Zingale from Tallahassee Floor Finishing gets.

His vans run on the restaurant's cooking oil.

"Fuel costs 6 years ago, like it is now were almost 4 dollars," said Thomas Zingale, owner of Tallahassee Floor Finishing. "When you're putting in $50 a day, per vehicle, it adds up so anything you could save I figured was an advantage"

Keith Baxter used to sell the used cooking oil from his Kool Beanz restaurant to a corporation. That was until his friend Zingale asked if he could use it instead.

"We've always tried to be a part of the recycle movement," said Baxter. "Tom came to me and asked if I'd be willing to give it to him, a local business and a good friend."

Every week Zingale produces about 20 gallons of bio diesel fuel from the used oil from Kool Beanz.

His standard gas vans got eight miles to the gallon.

Once he swapped them for bio diesel, Zingale says that jumped to 28 miles to the gallon.

Zingale produces about 1,000 gallons of bio diesel each year from the oil he gets from Kool Beanz.

Once he factors in the cost of the chemicals needed to make the fuel, each gallon costs him $1.

He needs more than 1,000 gallons during the year but he says every mile counts for him and the environment.

Zingale said, "This stuff burns cleaner, and smells like chicken."

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