Local Doctor Arrested, Patient Says He Inappropriately Touched and Commented on Her Breasts

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 6, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - A local doctor is arrested and charged for touching and speaking to a patient inappropriately.

A local woman -- who we will not identify -- says her doctor made inappropriate comments about her weight and breast size.

A warrant was issued for Dr. Edwardo Williams. He turned himself in and he is now facing battery charges.

Dr. Williams' attorney, Tim Howard, J.D., Ph.D., says, "Dr. Williams has been practicing medicine for 30 years, has approximately 70,000 patients a year over 200,000 patients. These allegations are inconsistent with this prior practice of the patients he's met."

Leon County Sheriff's deputies say the incident happened at the Southwood Office location of Capital Regional Medical Center back in November or December.

The woman did not report it until recently after being encouraged by a therapist.

The arrest papers say during a visit, Dr. Williams told the woman that she used to be a "fine little thing, and commented about her not needing her breast implants.

The report says the woman asked Dr. Williams, "What does that have to do with me being your patient." Dr. Williams stated he was talking to her as a patient. The woman reported that she was uncomfortable and too, her check out sheet from Dr. Williams' hand and he took a step towards her.

She told deputies that Dr. Williams used both hands to touch her breasts while making a smacking noise with his mouth. The arrest papers say the woman began to walk out of the examination room and Dr. Williams told her not to tell her husband (who is also a patient of Dr. Williams) or his medical care would suffer.

Tallahassee resident Shauntell Smith says, "You don't supposed to make passes at a client when they're coming in to be checked or seen by a doctor. That's just now how it supposed to be."

Howard says, "Comments can be taken out of context, depending on what your goals are. Not saying that there may have been some confusion in communications. But, doctors regularly provide medical care, provide advice on a variety of issues."

Dr. Williams is also being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Florida Department of Health. Dr. Williams' license has been restricted to only treat male patients.

Statement from Capital Regional Medical Center

Dr. Edwardo Williams started employment at Capital Regional Medical Group's Southwood office on January 4th, 2010 and his employment ended on February 25, 2014. We are aware of concerns under review by the state licensing board and we continue to cooperate with the State's investigation.

Statement from Neighborhood Medical Center where Dr. Williams recently worked for two months

Statement by Alexis Roberts McMillan

Board Chair, Neighborhood Medical Center

Regarding Arrest of Dr. Edwardo Williams

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—“We were shocked to learn of the arrest by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office of one of our probationary employees, Dr. Edwardo Williams. Dr. Williams had been employed by Neighborhood Medical Center for only two months.

“As a health care provider, we have a responsibility to make sure everyone on our team is focused solely on the mission of caring for the members of our community. Therefore, we asked for and accepted the resignation of Dr. Williams, so he can focus all of his attention on addressing these allegations and we can devote all of our efforts toward our vital mission.

“Protecting the health, safety and well-being of our patients is, and must remain, our top priority. We will continue to provide the people of this community with the highest level of health care possible.”

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