Local Father Looking For Answers After Daughter's Grave Is Vandalized

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By: Garin Flowers
March 13, 2014

For Wil and Janet Clark, burying their three-week-old daughter, Ashlyn Blaire Clark, was heartbreaking. Eight years later, they're grieving for another reason.

"It rips a part of my heart out," Wil said.

According to Wil, someone has been vandalizing her Blaire's grave - located in the Carlton Cemetery in Taylor County.

"I noticed that her flowers were missing and her solar light was gone, so I checked in the trash can and I found the stuff in there."

The vandalism has gone on for years.

"Two hours after we buried her, stuff went missing from her grave," Will said.

"It looked like fingernail polish was busted on her headstone and her flowers and wind chimes and solar lights, everything just disappears."

Eventually it stopped. That's until Wednesday, when it happened again.

They believe they know who has been doing it, but no evidence could lead to an arrest.

"They need to be charged."

The Clark's said they've spoken to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office and will leave it into their hands, as they continue to remember the little one that still has such a big part of their hearts.

"She means the world to me still, even though she's gone, but I just don't understand why someone would want to mess with a child's grave," Wil added.

We called the Taylor County Sheriff's Office to see what they plan to do with this investigation, but did not hear back from them.

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