Local Firefighters Take Shooting of NY Firefighters Personally

Tallahassee, FL -

Firefighters in Tallahassee not only respond to emergencies together. But, because they live together for 24 hours every third day, they eat, sleep, and relax together.

Deputy Fire Chief Wesley Roberts says, "Fundamentally, you spend a third of your lives with these guys and it's a long 25 to 30 year career. So, these guys are your brothers and sisters. I can't think of any occupation that would be close."

Tallahassee firefighters say they are devastated by the gunman who shot at firefighters responding to a fire near Rochester, New York on Christmas Eve.

Roberts says, "It's a clear identifier that there's evil people in this world."

Firefighters at Tallahassee's station one did not know the two firefighters who were killed in New York, but, say it's painful all the same.

Tallahassee Firefighter Jennifer King has been with TFD for 12 years. She says, "No matter where you go, you mention you're a firefighter somewhere, there's always that bond. There's always a brotherhood and a sisterhood. We like to back and support each other and know that there's a group that will always be there behind us."

When speaking of the firefighters she work with everyday, King says, "It's like having a whole bunch of baby brothers and sisters working with me."

Firefighters say just as they'll always have their colleagues' backs, they'll support their New York family through prayer.

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