Local High School Students "Get Wired Up" At Wiregrass Tech

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Winnie Wright
March 27, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Local high school students were invited to "Get Wired Up" today at Wiregrass Tech in Valdosta.

Around 600 high school students from across South Georgia took to the Wiregrass Campus today (3/27) to get a better understanding of various professions in the medical field. The event is designed to showcase careers in health care and the related education training needed to enter those career fields.

"It actually was quite wonderful. I was amazed by all the mannequins they have and how the technology is and how it's advancing", says Cartik Patel, a 9th grader at Lanier High School.

The event featured everything from VSU Pediatric Fitness, VSU College of Nursing, to representatives from Chancy Drugs. Emergency responders also brought ambulances, fire trucks, and even a evac-helicopter.