Local Historian Remembers Doris Miller and Pearl Harbor

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Tallahassee, Fl-December 7, 2012

Seventy-one years ago, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack.

The attack would eventually send the United States into World War II. Now a local Tallahassee historian is remembering Doris Miller.

Miller was an African American cook in U.S. Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. He's been called hero for his actions on that day.

According to historians, Miller began firing a machine gun during the battle. It was a weapon he had not been trained on. He was also credited with carrying his fellow wounded soldiers to safety.

"This man, history will endure forever here in American because this man had bravery," says Rev. William Foutz, a local historian.
Miller received the Navy Cross for his efforts. Miller was presumed dead on November 25, 1944 after an attack on Liscome Bay, a ship he was suppose to be aboard.

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