Local Law Enforcement Officials Offer Safety Tips For Holiday Travelers

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By: Kara Duffy
December 24, 2013

Thomasville, GA- Tis the season to be with loved ones and for many people that means hopping in the car and heading home for the holidays.

But, before you hit the road, Thomas County Sheriff's Deputies want to remind you of some simple tips to follow for a safe arrival.

"Hang up, buckle up and slow down," said Captain Steve Jones. "Pay attention to what you're doing and let's have a great holiday season."

For some people, a great holiday season includes toasting with friends and family. But, deputies say no matter how near or far your drive home may be, to never take a chance behind the wheel.

"The statistics show hundreds of people die in the United States this week because of alcohol related deaths." Captain Jones said. "Those are unnecessary fatalities. One is too many; so if we're going one mile or 100 miles, drinking and driving is not a combination we need to mess with," he added.

Deputies also say it's important to make sure your car is just as ready for a road trip as you are.

"Make sure you have plenty of fuel; make sure you car is in tip-top shape before driving this holiday period. There will be a lot of motorists out there and your assistance may be several hours away if you break down," Jones said.

Officials say one of the best gifts they could receive this year, would be a safe holiday season for all.

"I hope our guys are very bored this holiday period, I really do," Jones said. "If everybody will just buckle up, heed to the limits and don't take any chances, hey, the life you save, could be your own."

The Christmas holiday travel period officially kicks off Christmas Eve at 6:00 p.m. and ends Christmas Day at midnight.

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