Local Leaders Meet On Frenchtown Revitalization [LIST OF RECOMMENDATIONS]

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By: Matt Galka
June 7, 2013, 5:30 p.m.

Tallahassee City and County commissioners have come up with individual priorities they have for the Frenchtown area

Eight city and county commissioners submitted ideas at a Community redevelopment agency meeting earlier this week.

There are two CRA boards in Tallahassee and both have the goal of revitalizing blighted areas.

WCTV talked to some Frenchtown residents about if they thought the proposals put forth by the commissioners match up with what they want to see get done in the area.

"Historical purposes alone, Frenchtown has been here,” Nathanial Muse, Frenchtown Resident, said. “There's so much potential."

Nathanial Muse has lived and worked in Frenchtown for 16 years. He has some ideas on how to improve the area.

"I would like to see the businesses that are operating in Frenchtown hire more of the local people that reside in Frenchtown," Muse said.

Some city and county commissioners agreed with Muse at the latest Community Redevelopment Agency meeting.

Eight commissioners submitted their priorities for improving the Frenchtown and Southside area. Tax dollars from businesses in the designated area go toward future improvements.

If you walk down Macomb Street in Frenchtown near Tennessee Street, you can see some of the blighted sidewalks and roads that some of the commissioners would like to see revamped, as well as local businesses other commissioners would like to see developed.

What you won't find is a grocery store for about another mile. That's what some commissioners say this area desperately needs.

A grocery store would be nice, but Muse wants the commissioners to figure out a potential Shelter relocation first.

“Right now there is a push to move the shelter out of Frenchtown, but there is not a consensus on where to put them and how best to serve," Muse said.

The CRA meets again on June 17th and will whittle the 37 ideas down to around five.

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