Local Man Fights to Save Canopy

Alicia Turner
June 20, 2014 5:58pm

Canopy’s offer a unique habitat and a natural shade, and one man in Wakulla County is fighting to keep his

Steve Cushman, lives next to the aquarium, and he said it’s the trees or the electricity.

"I understand that trees have to be trimmed and I know sometimes they come in and they'll cut the trees way down and it does distract from the canopy and the natural beauty of what we have here but then again electricity is kind of necessary," Cushman said.

President of the aquarium Jack Rudloe, said there's a way to have both and that’s what he's fighting for.

"Just in the last few years, they have bigger machines that are crunching out more of the trees. The idea is to keep the limbs off of the power lines. What they're really doing, in addition to that is they're really mutilating the landscape all the way down, misshaping beautiful trees that have taken many years to grow,” Rudloe said.

According to Duke Energy the area in front of Rudloe's aquarium is a part of 37 miles of tree cutting and trimming.

The company says they do this to help maintain the area in case a storm threatens the big bend area, Duke has also agreed to sit down with Rudloe to show them what they plan to do and where.

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